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New Year, New Me.. or something..

I have in the past always written down some of my new year goals and what I achieved the year before. Last year I also made some plans for myself but didn’t really publish it anywhere.I know, I know! I’m running a bit late this year. But we’ve been Covid striken at home and I haven’t really had time to sit down with my thoughts. Well, I’m getting it done now!

  • Last year 2021 I decided that I would focus a bit more on me and start blogging. I think that was the biggest decision last year and it turned out pretty good. Last year around this time I was sorting out my website and finding out that it wasn’t all as easy as I thought it would be. I was off on furlough from work so I had loads of time on my hands and I used it to get this website started. Pretty happy how it turned out. And this definitely has been a resolution completed in a way. Although I didn’t manage to keep my original writing timetable, I did managed to write things.
  • I also decided the beginning of last year to try and get my back pain defeated. Since giving birth to my second child I have suffered from lower back pain. So I focused on an exercise routine planned for women who’ve given birth (Lydia Rees Fitness). I managed to keep the diet and exercise on and off going until summer. The rest of the year wasn’t as great and I did end up paying for nothing most months. But I can highly recommend her, since my back pain really did disappear (for a while.. it’s back now).
  • Biggest self care resolution for me was a huge one: I would finally start the long process of straightening my teeth. And I am extremely happy to say that even that resolution is going well. I got my braces in June and really 3rd of January 2022 my whole upper teeth were finally covered in braces and we’re starting the process with the lower teeth. Oh yay!!
  • I also decided I would focus on singing and I loved singing with Studio Mélodie for the whole of spring 2021. One of last years big highlights was the Spring Concert. I was so happy to find a church for us last year and they welcomed us and specially me with open arms to the worship team. And it’s been magical and amazing to be part of the worship team at l’EPP Saint Victoret.
  • Luxembourg was a huge goal of mine last year. I wanted to return back to traveling and I was adamant that we’d got to Luxembourg in 2021. With Covid-19 everywhere and many other travel plans cancelled, I still managed to make this dream happen.

So what to do for this year? What kinda resolutions should I make for this year? I normally tend to not make too hard of resolutions because I won’t keep. But I still want them to be meaningful enough for me.So here’s what I’ve been thinking about:

  1. CONTINUE PAJUNKISU.COM, BLOGGING AND INSTAGRAM. I want to learn more about website safety, I need to add the cookies thingy and I also need to add a subscribe thingy. So definitely stuff to learn and to focus on. And if you have great ideas to share, hit me with the comments below. I also want to post more reels and keep Instagram more stable. Maybe learn timed Instagram posting. So loads to learn here and I’ve made a big investment on this: I bought myself a laptop to focus more on all this online stuff. I’ll hype about my new laptop soon enough..
  2. GET MORE FLEXIBILITY. I have subscribed this year for Asana Rebel and my goal is to just get more flexibility. My lower back is still extremely stiff and I still have pains when moving around. This is not a ‘lose weight’ goal and I am not treating it as such. I want more flexibility and I think yoga could just about bring that to me. I’m trying to figure out stretches and hopefully this will give me less painful days with my back.
  3. LEARN TO PLAY PIANO AND KEEP ON IMPROVING MY LANGUAGES. I’ve made this promise so many times and here I go again. But I think I will subscribe to a piano learning app. When I invest money on it, I tend to have more interest in making it happen. I’ve managed to get into a really awesome routine with Duolingo, so I’m going to try to find a routine for the piano so it would become more effortless. I think the piano will also provide me with an outlet for all the stress and will push me to keep on singing and learning.
  4. TRAVELING. This is the goal I have for every year. This years travel plans are currently Chile (priority since I promised we’d visit Chilean family in 2022), Tunisia (we’re fancying a family package holiday) and Disneyland. I got 2 free hotel nights in a hotel near Disneyland, so this is most likely happening. Hopefully sooner than later. We’ve already started watching Disney+ like crazy to get into the Disney vibes.
  5. RELEASE THE CONTROLE. I’m going to try and give my husband more of the responsibilities around the house. I’m going to try let him run the show more and organise help if needed. I don’t need to control everything. Also really planning to get a cleaner to help with the upkeep of our place.
  6. FRENCH NATIONALITY. Yah this one sounds crazy. But I’m one test away from claiming the nationality and frankly I wouldn’t mind a 10-year-passport. Appointment booked for 25th of February. Will I pass the test??

Make your bets underneath onto comments.

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