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My favourite park in Disney World: Animal Kingdom


  1. ANIMALS! I was in awe of all the animals in the park and, comparing to other zoos, they seemed to have more ’normal’ surroundings.
  2. Rollercoaster that goes backwards (Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain)! Who doesn’t love a good ride?
  3. Photo opportunities. I loved the more ’natural’ vibe and allthough a lot of it is plastic, it still looks better to my eye than other plastic decor.
  4. Good water ride: Kali River Rapids! In hot Florida weather it’s good to get a bit wet sometimes..
  5. Learning opportunities. Loads of info on animals and donation boxes for animal conservation. I love a good combo of fun and information. And the park is super interactive, which is super great with kids!

Since I’ve had quite a lot of hype about my Disney post, I thought it would be time to go through my memories of my absolutely favourite park in Disney World. Like I’ve mentioned before, I worked in Walt Disney World in 2009 and I got to visit the parks a lot. Animal Kingdom quickly became my favourite. First of all it was the first ‘zoo’ I visited that didn’t keep animals in somewhat closed enclosures or cages. Animal Kingdom actually has a small safari for the animals and we happened to take our safari ride on an awesome day and got to see so many awesome animals just walking and chilling near the safari ride. This was absolutely amazing experience and as an animal person, I don’t think any ride can top up a fun car ride with beautiful, rare animals around. I obviously now understand that animals kept in captivity is never really the most amazing solution but this safari really did feel like more closer to an actual real habitat of the animals than just a cage. When lions get to live amongst zebras and giraffes, it feels quite realistic doesn’t it? They’re not just locked in cages as huge killers that will hunt all the other animals to their death.

But on top of all the beautiful and amazing animals, Animal Kingdom actually has some amazing rides! Some of my favourite Disney rides. Kali River Rapids was great fun and I got soaked, which obviously is great in Florida heat. Obviously when talking about rides, I’m talking about Expedition Everest: the rollercoaster that goes backwards! It is ah-ma-zing! I am a huge fan of rollercoasters and this one does not disappoint! It is definitely one roller-coaster that I recommend to head towards when choosing your fast passes of the day. Obviously run first and foremost to get your safari experience.

One thing that I actually ended up missing but everyone raved about was the Lion King show at the Animal Kingdom. It was always fully booked and therefore I missed it. I have seen a video of it but that just isn’t the same thing. Overall Animal Kingdom is super interactive and fun, specially for child minded Orr people with kids. I do wish I could have had more time in this park. I do hope you choose to enjoy it very soon!

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