F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions

What Pajunkisu? Why?
Pajunkisu is a quirky shortening of the work ‘pajunkissa’ which is a tree name in Finnish (pussy willow). This nickname of mine originates to a long long ago, probably to around the time when Internet was invented. Back in the day I was a huge Buffy, The Vampire Slayer fan and loved the name Willow. Obviously (even with Internet being fairly young) Willow was taken everywhere, so I started to transform the nickname from Wolliw to Paju to Pajunkissa to Pajunkisu. And once settled, I’ve been using the nick ever since and pretty much everything Pajunkisu related does link back to me (except for gmail!?!). I love that the name is to do with nature.

Why start blogging now?
2020 was a tough year for everyone but weirdly my year wasn’t that bad. I still moved countries, drove through Europe and saw loads of new French surroundings. 2021 I found that I had a lot more free time (from my two adorable miniatures) and I noticed that everyone had kinda stopped traveling. There isn’t a lot of new content out there. So I thought my old stuff could be new and useful to someone at some point. And if not, at least I will have a place where my memories are all saved up. And for the longest time I have wanted to claim pajunkisu.com as mine but I never thought I could set up a proper website. I am also on a long path of ‘finding myself again’ and I used to write blogs a lot so I’m rekindling that spark.

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