St Baume near Marseille, France

This is a little brief post about St Baume where we ended up going for a walk instead of going to the Alps due to our Corona crisis. Obviously we were all waiting to see family at the Alps and finally see some snow but life happened. Need to keep in mind that this is traveling during Covid-19: it isn’t always perfect and things get cancelled all the time.

St Baume has a tiny little monastery up in a ‘mountain’ made into the rock. It is said to be the resting place for Mary Magdalene, but obviously that is just huge rumours and no hard evidence to base this. But they like to mention that and sell items of either of the Marys (Jesus’s mother or Mary Magdalene). This all makes sense if you’re a Christian but it isn’t too bad of a trek for a non-Christian too. It’s actually fairly easy and the first time I did this trek up was 2013 with Mr Merry’s grandad (who totally beat our asses to the top). So great place to go with family, friends, kids, adults, elderly etc.. Ok just to clarify: I wouldn’t take my mum up there, she can hardly survive a shopping trip at Carrefour, but a normally walking healthy person.

My iWatch was calculating our walk and said it to be 5km to the top and back. I highly doubt this is right, since we were traveling with small kids (4y and almost 3y) and sometimes our walking was barely none at all (took us like 3 hours). Actually our trip started with a true Super Nanny (a TV show) moment. My son has Daddy wrapped around his tiny little fingers quite well and he started the first km with crying his lungs out because he wanted Daddy to carry him. Battle of the minds and I have to say, Daddy won. It wasn’t easy for him, specially when by passers gave us some good old ‘Oh my God’ looks, but Daddy stayed strong and soon my son started walking on his own. Super proud of my two little munchkins! I really wasn’t sure they’d make it, but they walked all the way up and right back down as well.

Actually St Baume is currently under some works so the monastery up the hill is closed. But the works should finish by April 2021 (who knows.. it’s France.. could go on for longer). But once opened it is pretty awesome little walk up a hill and back down. It’s about 40mins away from Marseille, so can be easily combined with your next Marseille trip. I’m not sure on how public transport would take you there, but we did see some bus stops on the way. The road up to the mountain is, for sure, one to live through. There’s a little tourist office there where you can get your information. A little display with knowledge on the monastery and other things. A little gift shop where you can buy some souvenirs.

When you see that little water fountain, have a drink. It’s natural water and delicious. Gives you super powers, not.

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