Dating in England

There were a lot of little dates before getting married in England. Usually to me dating would be in restaurants or movies and I guess that happens quite a bit in England too. But I ran into a whole new culture of dating: the walking dates. English people love their countryside walks and little villages to visit. I could list you a bunch of places I’ve been for walks but here are some of the ones I remember the best and of course some nice extra photos to go with them. Just to clarify: I lived in Derby and Nottingham, so a lot of these pictures are around Midlands.


A little city called York is full of old buildings from cathedrals to castles. And it has an amazing Viking museum, Jorvik! We went on a small little weekend away to York and enjoyed it’s great coffee houses and buildings. A funny moment was inside the Viking museum was when the ride through the Viking city had Viking language in it and Mr Merry turned to me to ask me to translate.. hahahahaha.. I’m not quite Viking enough to do that. York should definitely be on everyone’s list of places to visit in England! Absolutely beautiful!


We went on a small getaway weekend to do some double, triple, quadruple dating with friends. Edale is very known for its hills and walks. There are so many walks to choose from and it really gets muddy!! England and muddy walks pretty much go hand in hand anyways. Something I never really quite got with my running trainers. We stayed in YHA Edale Youth Hostel where we enjoyed Samuel and I’s first year of marriage anniversary cake. Our wedding cake maker, Wheely Good Cakes, had a promotion at the time of our wedding that you’d get a free mini copy of your wedding cake on your first anniversary. Only the highest recommendations for this lovely cake maker! Oh and to every Finn reading this: There is no such thing as ‘Every Man’s Right’ law in the UK and land owners will come and shout at you the get the heck out of their land when you get lost!

Castleton and Treak Cliff Cavern

The next day from Edale, we ventured into Castleton and its hills to do a walk. There’s also Treak Cliff Cavern caves that you can pay to get in to see some amazing rocks and rock formations. Pictures didn’t come out very good in the darkness of the caves with crappy phone cameras but it was a lovely day with friends doing something else than eating!

Chatsworth House

The Duke of Devonshire lives in here and has turned it into a lovely little business for himself. It’s a huge land area with great buildings. Has lovely paved (NO MUD!!) pathways and it’s a nice day out walking. This could be a great little destination with family since it has a coffee shop inside the state where you could have a break with the kids and relax a bit. And obviously pushing a pram would be easy in these surroundings. Date-wise I think it was a fine date.


Living in Nottingham, this was our go-to little village to have a walk and enjoy a good afternoon tea. Lincoln is a lovely little place close to Nottingham and if you enjoy city walks this place is great. We’d take Nottingham tourists here and just overall have a nice little day out. Been there so many times by now that it’s left mark on my heart for good.

Ladybower Reservoir

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When summer comes around, my first instinct is to go swimming or just hang out near water. Living in Nottingham I soon realised that there was no water around and Mr Merry had to take me around reservoirs to see water. No swimming though but a beautiful walk!

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