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    2 Quick visits to Singapore

    Been to the beautiful country of Singapore twice and both times were ridiculously short visits. Singapore should be visited with more time and money. But I’ve visited it twice because I had a good friend living there and when you…

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    Teaching English in Jinan, China

    I think I’ve been avoiding this topic too long. I’ve been missing China a lot lately so therefore it felt extremely hard to start writing about it. But I’ve avoided it long enough. It’s time for me to take a…

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    Traveling through Vietnam

    In 2012 we were about to leave our home in Jinan, China and head back towards Europe. Before doing that we decided that we’d want to travel and explore Asia. So Mr Merry designed a plan to travel through China…

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    A quick visit to Japan

    In 2016 we were living in Australia and we fell pregnant. I then learnt that my childhood thought of women being at their best as pregnant was not applicable with me, so we decided to leave Australia and head to…

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    Ugh, I have really struggled to start this post. First I was just so excited about Cambodia, but ,after looking through our pictures from Phnom Penh, all these horrifying images of skulls and faces of people massacred in Cambodia came…

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    China: Taishan (Mount Tai, 泰山)

    I lived in China for a year (2011-2012), so I have seen a fair bit of China. I decided to chop up some of these China stories, so it’s easier to read and find. I’m starting with Taishan, one of…