Welcome to my travel page!


Time Travel..

All these travels have not happened once but instead throughout the years. Some destinations have been lived in for a while and some destinations have been visited from hours to days. So throughout my posts we will be travelling in time (mainly to the past.. but might have some drooly posts about where I want to head next). And it won’t all happen at once, so leave a comment in case you want me to focus on some destination next.

Responsible Traveling

Traveling can be quite irresponsible to the World with it’s emissions etc.. I’m definitely interested in the responsible side of travelling, but I have to admit that a lot of these travels have not been done with that in mind. But I do try to lower my emissions by eating more vegan/vegetarian, buying almost everything second hand and overall not wasting this world’s products. I also pay attention to products I buy and use them till they drop dead. So not perfect but trying..

It gives you a HOME in thousand strange places,
then leaves you a STRANGER in your own land.”

Ibn Battuta